Our Unique Approach to

Producing Food Packaging

Dive into Polifolia’s specialized production process that helps us create the perfect packaging solution for every customer.

Custom Solutions

Craft a custom food packaging solution

Our dedication to excellence extends to creating bespoke products, perfectly tailored to your specifications.



Understanding your requirements, vision, and goals.


Design Prototype

Crafting an initial design for your review.



Incorporating your feedback, ensuring every detail aligns with your needs.


Final Production

Once approved, your unique product comes to life with the same rigorous quality control and commitment that defines Polifolia.

Printing, sleeving & labelling

At Polifolia, personalization isn’t an afterthought; it’s an integral part of our process.


Dry-Offset Printing

  • Radiant print quality and vivid colors
  • Eco-friendly and aligned with sustainability
  • Economical, particularly for high-volume projects


  • Comprehensive 360-degree graphics
  • Complements the design nuances of the cup
  • Versatile application for any shape or size
  • Superior resistance against scuffs


  • Durable and designed for longevity
  • Highly resistant to abrasion
  • Premium display for showcasing your product

We engineer solutions

Quality Assurance

Our priority is to meet the quality requirements of our customers and guarantee the safety of our products. With certifications like BRC-IOP, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015, and the CE Certificate.

Precision in Production

10+ thermoforming lines and 10+ printing, sleeving & labelling lines that can manufacture various product designs, to your specifications.

We can custom-make a packaging solution for any specification.


Eco-conscious methodologies ensure minimal environmental impact (even our less than 1% scrap is resused), and products like our MonoCUPP cups and pots are engineered to be 100% recyclable.

Why choose Polifolia

Our process is rooted in addressing our customers’ most pressing industry challenges. We mold our strategies and production around the unique needs of growing brands, ensuring satisfaction at every stage.


You can trust us to deliver no matter market conditions, and deliver a high quality product that performs effectively.


We’re swift to respond to quotes and needs, and quick to problem-solve – you’ll have peace of mind, consistent progress in your project, and receive your order quickly.


Our services include sustainable and traditional products, New Product Development, order minimums that support your level of business, and more.

Custom your food packaging solution

We’re just a step away. Share your requirements, and our team will guide you to the perfect product solution:

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